I have been exceedingly lucky in meeting and working with two people without whom this web site would not be a reality.  Heather Kern, graphic artist, and Stuart Tyson, photographer, have been stalwarts, making sure my work is well presented.

I met Heather Kern when she was hired to do the graphic designs needed by the arts non-profit for whom I worked.  Heather’s posters and cards were wonderful: bright, colorful and very appealing.  Over time, her posters were framed and hung in a row, and they are absolutely eye-catching.  In addition, Heather designed the street banners the organization wanted, and they became desired by other, sister organizations.  Check out Heather’s web site,, and I believe you’ll understand my regard and admiration for her work.  Heather is also a lovely person.


I also met Stuart Tyson when working for the arts non-profit.  Stuart rents studio space, and so I was able to observe Stuart at work.  The range of Stuart’s knowledge and expertise in photography is staggering.  Stuart does portraiture for performers, head shots for executives and photos of loved ones (he did a series of my son).  Stuart does fine art pictures: landscapes, waterfalls, cityscapes and country vistas.  Stuart does still life photography for clients like myself and for corporate clients.  And, lastly, Stuart does interiors and exteriors of houses.  Check out his work on his web site:  Stuart is also the nicest guy.


Without Heather and Stuart, this web site would not be, and I am most grateful and appreciative.