Here is a suite with red jasper beads that I so cherish.  I’ve paired the beads with Biwa pearls (dyed), faceted black onyx and ivory beads.  (Biwa pearls are no longer available as Lake Biwa from whence the pearls come is too polluted to support Biwa pearl farming.)  The necklace is 31 inches in length.  The earrings are made from cabochons cut from a single jasper bead (by a lapidary) with Biwa pearls and faceted black spinel stones.  I cannot sell this necklace because it is against the law to sell any ivory; I received the necklace of ivory as a teen-ager from my parents but never wore them (by themselves, I think ivory is too understated for me). 

Dimensions: Necklace — 31 inches; Earrings — 2 3/8 inches.
Materials: Jasper beads, Biwa pearls, black onyx and black spinel beads, sterling and fine silver, silk

Necklace: NFS
Earrings: $375

Works well with: grey, light brown, taupe, or peach turtleneck or crew neck t-shirt or sweater, shirtwaist dress suit or blouse (under the collar but outside the jacket), camisole or strapless dress.

If you are interested in purchasing either piece or both, please contact me via email.

Contact info@juliesjewelry.net

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